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Business Management Agency

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Business Management Agency is the first so called business management agency in Hungary. Shortly:

“We help entrepreneurs and companies to start or expand their overseas business in Hungary, in the EU.”

What is our best practice?

First of all -regardless of some rare exceptions- we take only assignments what requires all-in-one business solutions. What does this mean?

  • consulting before starting the company
  • market research, business planning, tax calculation
  • laying strategy
  • continous legal- and tax consultation
  • making the plan real

Making the plan real also might mean plenty of tasks and sub-tasks, such as:

  • finding shop or any possible point of sale
  • finding office
  • finding immovables
  • HR solutions
  • marketing activities
  • obtaining permits, and generally:
  • participating the everyday opertaive processes, upon request.

If you easily bring decisions, call us at Skype (name: xyz) and we are going to talk about your wishes.

If first you would like to get information for free about starting business in Hungary, subscribe in the right side of the webpage.

If you would like to send your questions contact us!

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